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Subject: 1 Missing Link 
From the Desk of: Kisa K.
Hey there!

My name is Kisa K.  I am a mother, wife, entrepreneur, lover of life, and passionate about bridging the gaps for other women entrepreneurs on similar journeys that have found themselves in what I also once found frustrating and discouraging in my own entrepreneurial journey. 

I created '1Missing Link' because of my pure desire to want to help other women entrepreneurs succeed.

One bit of my story that I never quite talk about in any other forum is the daunting experience I had trying to find myself in my own entrepreneurial journey, while at the same time being distracted by every little shiny thing that came along and promised me success.

There were times in my journey were I felt frustrated, discouraged, and sometimes even depressed over the success I wasn't having that I saw others claim so outwardly.

I got so sick and tired of the sales pitches, poor support, and information overload received from every so-called guru known to man.  

Seeing success stories was first inspiring to me, but then became downright depressing when you're working your butt off to get results and soon realize it's just not going to happen!  

And when you hardly ever see anyone that looks like you winning big in this monopoly game, it's even more disappointing.

My favorite is when you're sold on the shiny thing and you soon realize that to get the real information you have to spend 1,000% more!  And mind you, you haven't even gotten results with the first piece of crap!!

So, I do get it!  What I've learned over the years, is that it's not about all of these things.  It's not even just about who or what you know.  It's about a bigger picture than that.

Your success in business is not singular.  It's not one dimensional.  It's not monotone.  It's about having something that extends outside of you, and that creates an energy that is a breeding ground for success.

Let me explain...

The one thing that I've found to be the most impactful in my journey is surrounding myself with a like-minded people that want to see you win, and that will do what it takes to make sure you do.

And, I'm not talking about another networking group, or business affiliation.  I'm talking about a hard core circle that helps you bridge your gaps and commits to seeing you win.

You see, we all have skills, gifts, talents, and a boat load of experience of some sort that can be shared with others.  Even when we think we have nothing of value, there is always someone out there that can benefit from our knowledge, successes, failures, and experiences.

Have you ever taken a moment to think about how the information inside of you could transform the life of another?  How this information can transform their business? 

Have you ever stopped to think about how 'what you know' could actually be the missing link to someone else's journey?

Now, think about how you could be on the other end of that?

Someone else out there has YOUR 1 Missing Link.

I believe that we each have something inside of us that is the next person's missing link.  For many years, I coached and consulted women entrepreneurs and professionals of all types.  In all of these years, I identified ONE common denominator they all shared:

They each had 1 MISSING LINK.

Many of these women had inspiring lives, amazing stories, were educated, had drive and vision, wonderful products, services and ideas, and overall wanted to make an impact.  They are what I call legacy-driven women.  

Even with these women being so accomplished in life, they all still had ONE missing link that stopped them from succeeding in their businesses at the level they desired.

This missing link is what subjected them to failures they could have avoided, frustrations they could have went without; and if given the missing link at the point they needed it most, they could have succeeded in a big way.

They instead would reach out for help with, for example, a marketing strategy, or a business tool to help them in business, or a personal struggle that was hindering their business like self-confidence.

While all of these things are necessary for succeeding in business, there was a bigger issue looming.

They had a major missing link in their journey.  

For those that needed marketing, they never became well-versed enough to continue to carry out activities beyond the steps they were given in a coaching session - so that would become a failed attempt, leaving them frustrated.

For those that needed business tools, they never truly had the time to learn them inside and out or someone to support them in the process, so that also became a failed attempt.

For those who dealt with personal struggles in business, they would have a 'feel good moment' and boost of confidence, but then as soon as the next wave came in their business, they were overtaken and needed to be revived again.

You see, these are missing links.  These women had amazing hearts, brilliant minds, vision and drive but they were not able to succeed beyond the moment in which they reached out for help.

Not only that, but they would go back into their world of business and deal with the distractions, poor support, crappy sales pitches, etc. and not win, again!

See, I am convinced beyond doubt that we all have something in us that the next person desperately needs to succeed in their business.  And, if only they had that 1 Missing Link, they could propel into a greater dimension and experience unimaginable success in their business.

The problem is, however, we live in a world that is filled with the constant mentality of "what's in it for me?"  

We too often are beat over the head with ads, sales, marketing tactics, shiny new this and thats, and many times straight up trash promising to be the 'thing' that is going to get us to the next level in business.

How often have you been disappointed after buying into these offerings?

How much have they really helped your business grow?

How much support did you really get?  

And, did you really feel like they were there to make sure you won?

I can almost guess your answers because there was a point in time in my life that I too dealt with the frustration and disappointment of this hamster wheel business model.

What if there could be something so different that gave you access to your 1 Missing Link when you needed it the most?

What if, no matter what type of business, service, or product you had could be supported by a community where the entire culture was about seeing you win and fighting to the end to make that happen?

What if, you could tap into a community and find your place while accessing resources that would help you win?

What if you had a mastermind group supporting you, keeping you accountable, and committing to seeing you win?

Now, what if this community could be built around what YOU need in your business to succeed?

How valuable would this all be to you?
Ready to Begin Creating Massive Success in Your Business By Getting Your 1 Missing Link ?
1 Missing Link will be everything you need it to be and more.  

It will be your mastermind group when you need to bounce business ideas or get clarity and direction for your journey. 

It will be a support group when you need a healthy dose of "get in gear".

It will provide you access to resources and tools you need to win in business.

It will be the source where you can come and get real help, guidance, and support for your business.

It will be a sisterhood of women supporting women.

It will have a strong culture of reciprocity.

It will be your business home base, no matter what business you go after!

It will be a community of women winning!

If you believe in this mission and can be committed to being a vital part of it, click the button below to apply and be placed on the waiting list.  Don't worry about having any special credentials or fancy titles.  

What we're looking for is authentic women that are inspired about committing to pulling out the greatness in others, and open to other women supporting them.  We all have something to share!

If you want to win and come along side other women entrepreneurs that want the same thing, we want you in.

If you are a successful entrepreneur that desires to pay it forward, we want you in.

If you have amazing, unique skills and experiences, we want you in.

If you have a desire to be apart of something greater than you've ever imagined, or are legacy-driven, we want you in.

If you love and support women entrepreneurship, we want you in.

If you're just starting out, seasoned, or don't even know where to start, we want you in.

If you have nothing more than just believing there's more to all of us and we have amazing gifts and talents that can be shared, we want you in.

Bottom line...we want you!

This will be the movement, the place, and the breeding ground where greatness and reciprocity will lead to business success for our 1 Missing Link members.

Our heart and goal is to see every member in our community win.  And, we won't stop until that happens!
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